James McAvoy licking Vegemite straight off a knife is probably one of the most upsetting things we'll ever see.

Blunt and McAvoy sat down with Vanity Fair to explain "a typical British day" and wheeled out Vegemite, Hobnobs and Digestives, "proper" tea, some newspapers (to show their disdain for tabloids), and a few photos of things like Argos (which we never considered to be a unique thing before but apparently picking something out of a catalogue, going to a shop, filling in a tiny slip of paper and paying before waiting for someone to bring you said something from a giant warehouse isn't a thing in the US?) and a full English breakfast to honour their nation, all the while remaining as charming as ever.

McAvoy even got to tell a delightful story about one person's horrible penchant for putting Monster Munch in a 2l bottle of vodka and mixer.

Charming, right?