We had no idea that Ed O'Neill had been hanging around Kerry at some point over the last few years, but the actor filled 2FM reporter Stephen Byrne in on his experience there at Leonardo DiCaprio’s Global Green party in LA last night.

The Modern Family star recalled how he had got such a kick out of politician Jackie Healy Rae, who as everyone knows, is pretty much the king of Kerry.

O'Neill said: "I went by his town and I saw the photo of him as you drive in. He’s waving, with the combover, you know, and as you’re leaving he’s saying ‘goodbye, comeback’ because he owns the pub and the hotel and so forth.

"And when we were going by he had a thing going where he was trying to get the blood alcohol level raised because he wasn’t selling enough Guinness."

Ed then does an impression of the famous politician saying: "Then I saw the ad that he made where he said 'In my area, you hit a cow on the road and that’s about the worst you’re doing'."

Terrible accent, but amazing nonetheless.

Watch below: