Reporting from Liberia on the Ebola outbreak, an ABC news team captured something extraordinary on film.

Dr. Richard Besser and a camera crew were reporting from the streets of Monrovia, Liberia where they thought they had witnessed another Ebola patient die on the street, without receiving any medical assistance. Besser described the scene and how the man and his family had been appealing for help for days until he died, without any response. It was only when he was declared dead that a crew showed up to disinfect the area near the body and then take him away.

However, as they're dousing him and the street in bleach and placing the body bag over him, his hand begins to move, and Besser exclaims "he's not dead!", which is greeted by cheering on the streets.

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The worrying thing about all this is of course the lack of treatment and the fact that, as the video points out, "if you're living and you need help, there's really nowhere to go".

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