We all know Eamon Dunphy is passionate about football, but he really let loose ahead of Brazil and Mexico's clash this evening, only thing is, he didn't know he was on air! Good old Eamon managed to drop the F-bomb twice while chatting to Bill O'Herlihy and the fellow panel heads, all of which was on live television.

Cool enough part of it all is that the chat and banter between the lads is clearly the same off air as it is on, just with a bit more, eh, colourful language.

UPDATE: Dunphy later apologised at the half-time break saying; "I'd just like to apologise to anybody, I thought we were on an ad break and I used a four-letter word, I'm very, very sorry for the offence I'm sure I caused to some people. It won't happen again."

In fairness Didi Hamann is also on his phone there.

They all clearly caught too much sun today over in Montrose...