Usually when anyone is talking about The Rock's physical appearance it's generally about the topic of his muscles, his stature, or in summary, that he's built like a brick shithouse. However today the internet is fascinated with another feature of the 45-year-old star and that's his brand new grey beard.

Johnson unveiled his new look in an Instagram video where he was going on about something to do with how successful Ballers is but we weren't listening really because all we could see was that hairy face of his.

He was onto us though as at the end of the video he pointed out: "I know you guys well, I know you're thinking 'Damn DJ look at that beard'."

Turns out it's not The Rock going all hipster on us and it's actually for his upcoming role in Skyscaper, a Rawson Marshall Thurber-directed movie he will star in alongside Neve Campbell.

It could probably do with a little more growing out but so far, we like it.

Just so long as he never calls himself 'uncle DJ' ever again.