As long as everyone's filming everyone else, crime will never go unpunished. Or maybe not.

YouTuber Stephen Coyle was out flying his drone quadcopter in Letterkenny, Co. Donegal when he spotted some kids running across the roof of a school. Through precision and control, Coyle managed to keep the camera and quadcopter trained on the group of kids as they raced across the rooftops and made an escape.

As it turned out, they had to run back for the bikes towards the end and they somehow found their way to Coyle.

Coyle says the kids then immediately asked him to stick it up on YouTube. Which, we have to admit, sounds a bit odd.

In any case, here's the footage. Very dramatic music also helps with the whole setting.

We're guessing the kids' parents saw it, because we found this in the YouTube comments below the video itself.

Scarleh' for yis, lads. Or girls. We can't tell from the height.


Via YouTube