This is slightly worrying. 

So we all know that the storylines on the WWE aren't real right? The hint is in the acronym WWE, World Wrestling Entertainment.

Well apparently there are some people that take the theatrics that appear on screen at face value and one of those people is about to become the President of the United States.

A video of a radio interview that Paul Levesque (AKA Triple H) did in 2008 has recently resurface online in which he's quizzed about a silly storyline the company ran back in 2007 in which the WWE CEO Vince McMahon was 'blown up' in his limo during a taping of Monday Night Raw. Here's a clip of the incident.

It's a good piece of television, but nobody thinks McMahon is actually in the car when it blows up right? Well, now.

“What kills me is, so many people called — I mean, the office the next day, people … I’m not kidding you. And he’ll probably be mad at me for saying this, but like, Trump called, and was like, ‘Did something happen to Vince?’ It’s just the magic of television, you know what I mean?”

The magic of television? Nice save there, Hunter. 

In Trump's defense, he's not the only one that thought it was real. 

Via Uproxx