After a week of explosive revelations concerning links to Russia, damaging opinion polls that have him on target to be the worst US President in modern history and being endlessly ripped to shreds by media, Trump decided to spend the weekend at his private club and attend a rally with his most brainwashed stalwart supporters to campaign for his reelection in 2020.

Yes, really. He even filed papers for reelection one month after winning the US election, too.

Last night, Trump helped a campaign rally for his 2020 reelection in Melbourne, Florida and invited someone from the audience onstage, shocking the Secret Service protection detail. The man in question, Gene Huber, later proudly announced to CNN that he had a cardboard standee of Trump which he salutes and prays to every single day. Huber also said in an early interview that he arrived at the event at 4AM, despite the fact it wasn't supposed to start until 5PM.

Here's the video of his interview with CNN.


House Of Cards showrunner Beau Willimon - who's been running a one-man war against Donald Trump on Twitter - dug up a number of old tweets from Huber and they're pretty much exactly what you'd expect. Meanwhile, the Secret Service was apparently shocked that Trump allowed a supporter come that close, however Trump waved off their concerns, saying that he "knows his people."


As for Trump's speech, he managed to make up a terrorist incident in Sweden, talked about closing the US borders and his wife, Melania, led the whole audience in a prayer before the thing started. Y'know, the usual stuff you'd expect from a sitting President.


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