Poor aul Domhnall.

The Irish actor was on The Late Late Show with James Corden last night promoting his latest flick, Peter Rabbit. Corden plays the titular role while Margot Robbie, who Domhnall previously co-starred with in Goodbye Christopher Robin, plays Peter Rabbit’s little sister, Flopsy.

As Corden and Robbie’s roles were animated, they were able to do their work from the comfort of a LA studio, while Domhnall’s role involved a lot of physical work and throwing himself around as he plays Thomas McGregor, a gardener trying to deal with and eradicate the pesky rabbits.

On the bright side, Domhnall got to shoot in Australia, but as he points out, he has delicate, fair, Irish skin, and he would get so hot on set that he’d sweat through his clothes. On the subject of the sun, Domhnall also shared a story of doing a photoshoot with Gigi Hadid, and getting a sunburn in the pattern of the lacy shirt he had on.

We've all been there.