This is amazing. This is every Irish mate ripping the mick out of his best Irish mate in a very public way - by pointing AND ROARING "THAT'S SO AND SO, HE'S THE BEST TOO. LOOKIT HIM THERE, SITTING THERE! C'MON, LETS MAKE HIM FEEL REALLY UNCOMFORTABLE 'N STUFF - HAH! LOOKIT HIM WAVE WHILE HE'D RATHER BE FOETAL ON THE FLOOR!" and so on. 

In this instance, we have Domhnall Gleeson opening the door to his green room on The Late Late Show With James Corden and roaring "THAT'S LAWRENCE, HE'S LAURENCE, HE'S A GREAT ACTOR TOO!" Brilliant.

For those of you here because you're interested in Domhnall in an acting capacity, here he is alongside Star Wars co-star Mike Epps. And he's STILL not getting recognised. Even by old ladies he's helping on flights.