David Cameron officially resigned as Prime Minister yesterday, handing over the baton to Theresa May. 

The public has been left with so many questions regarding what's going to happen next for Britain but the main question on everybody's mind is did David Cameron sing The West Wing theme after handing over prime ministerial duties to Theresa May?

Immediately after announcing Theresa May as the new Prime Minister, Cameron returned to No. 10 Downing St. and as he opened the door he can be clearly heard singing a tune to himself before uttering the word 'Right!'

Have a look: 

And here's The West Wing theme just for comparison:

It does sound kind of similar. He gets the cadence wrong though:

Cameron: "Do-doooo! Do-doooo."

West Wing: "Doooo! Do-do-doooo."

Then again it wouldn't be the first time he got a little bit mixed up.