It's hard to imagine that at one time this man was having an affair with Madonna and married to Carmen Electra, seeing as Dennis Rodman seems to have lost the plot entirely on his third trip to North Korea. And the fact that Matt Cooper is also in his company is even more bizarre.

This time Rodman has taken some NBA pros with him to compete in an exhibition tour of the country, and appeared on CNN to discuss his intentions for the tour when the reporter turned the interview towards the imprisonment of American citizen Kenneth Bae by North Korea. And once that happened, it all went south with Rodman losing the head completely and displayed some bizarre behaviour, even for him.

Meanwhile Matt Cooper is in tow with Rodman as he films a documentary, and will have front row seats at the basketball games between Rodman's all-star team and their North Korean counterparts.

Dennis Rodman needs to get off whatever crazy train he's currently on. That is if this is indeed Dennis Rodman and not a North Korean robot that has taken his place.