Well, if you’re heading along to Avengers: Infinity War, it might be the second best thing you’ll see all weekend. This is much, much shorter though.

If you’ve been following Hugh Jackman and/or Ryan Reynolds, or heck even if you’ve seen the first Deadpool movie, you’ll probably be aware that the actors have a hilarious bromance slash mock frenemy relationship going on.

Ranging from hilarious Twitter exchanges (of which there have been quite a few) to ridiculous interviews, the slagging is relentless and we love it.

Most recently, Ryan Reynolds had something to say about Hugh Jackman's sweet anniversary message to his wife and now, in character as Deadpool, he brilliantly crashed a happy birthday message Jackman was trying to send on Twitter:


As many Tweeters have pointed out, why exactly is Hugh Jackman in a bathrobe while Deadpool looks content on his bed..?