Christ... OK, to put the following video into perspective, let's have a look back at the adversities overcome by Davina McCall. She has kicked heroin addiction to become go 'go to' female presenter for live television. She has survived ten years presenting Big Brother, and she most recently battled the cold in Austria hosting The Jump. In the end, it was a swim around Lake Windermere that gave her 'hypothermia.'

Her Sports Relief challenge, has been called 'Davina: Beyond Breaking Point', and it looks like they've gone beyond breaking her. Between the lone person clapping as aides attempt to make her walk up the steps to the shore, to her lolling head, to - again - the incessant lone clapping from presumably a caffeine consumed TV producer, it all just makes for rather uncomfortable viewing...

Seriously - STOP F*CKING CLAPPING already. I know they're trying to let her know that she's done it, it's all been "worth it", but it only succeeds in coming off as creepy. I'm sure there's a better word than creepy, but I just felt like having a wash after this.

Davina is attempting to run/swim/cycle from Edinburgh to London. That'd be about 500 miles. What are they going to make them do next year? Haul themselves over hot coals while they peel off their own skin? David Walliams will be first in line; his Thames swim seems fierce tame in comparison to this.