It doesn't matter who your parents are, or what they do, they're still a constant source of mortification. Still, when you're a world famous footballer/underwear purveyor you get to go on television and embarrass them even further. 

As antics go, it's not that surprising that 12-year-old Romeo and 15-year-old Brooklyn are dodging kisses at the school gates or asking to be dropped around the corner (of four separate schools; how's that for planning...) What's most worrying is that 3-year-old Harper Beckham thinks her dad is "so chubby". WOW. Now, that needs to be nipped in the bud immediately...

For those wondering why this post is also appearing in our 'Man Cave' section, here's another snippet of Beckham - this time discussing being an NFL kicker (and running around in his underwear).

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