Becks played his final game with PSG and of his professional career over the weekend, and was visibly upset as the final whistle blew.  But then he got the bumps and was all smiles and there are just too many emotions to be dealing with on a Monday morning. Some of us are still in shock of Saturdays Eurovision debacle.

Beckham was mobbed by his teammates and left the pitch in floods of tears when he was substituted in the 81st minute bowing out of an illustrious career to chants of, 'Merci, David', from fans in the stadium, who included former President Nicolas Sarkozy.

David said after the victorious game: 'It's been very special to finish my career here. It could not have been any more special. I just feel that it's the right time [to retire]. I feel that I've achieved everything that I could in my career. I wanted to go out as a champion.'

'I've finished my career in a team that has treated me like I've been here for 10 years. After 22 years of playing football I'm going to take a few months to enjoy time with my family.'

Excuse us while we go have a little cry.

Posh was stoic as ever, almost shedding a tear. But then she copped that there were cameras on her and defaulted to being the emotionless face of Brand Beckham. Someone has to bring in the bacon now sure.