It wasn’t called ‘The Money Fight’ for nothing.

One of the more interesting sub-plots to Saturday night’s super fight was whether it would break the record for the number of Pay-Per-Views. The previous record was 4.6 million buys for Mayweather’s 2015 bout with Manny Pacquiao.

If this video from retired UFC fighter Urijah Faber is anything to go by, it not only broke the record, it obliterated it. He was filming the UFC president when he indicated that there were a whopping 6.5 million buys. Watch here:


We'll have to wait for the number to be confirmed, but if it's true McGregor may earn more than the rumoured $100 million he was hoping for. Not a bad nights work. 

However, not all fans were able to hand over their hard-earned cash and watch the fight. Both Showtime and UFC Fight Pass were hit with technical issues on the night and Dana White has since issued an apology.

Via: Pundit Arena