God loves a trier, right?

Following on Jamie Dornan's appearance on the show trying his hand at all sorts of accents while reading 'Fifty Shades...' passages aloud earlier in the week, Dakota Johnson took to Jimmy's couch last night and did her best at being 'sexy' and selling 'Fifty Shades of Grey' for all she's worth. You can almost see the words 'contractual obligation' blazing out of her eyes.

With it being widely speculated and accepted that both Dornan and Johnson have zero time for each other and the movie they're having to promote, Fallon's latest segment dubbed 'Anything Can Be Sexy with Dakota Johnson' feels like nothing but an added torture for poor Dakota, who was forced to do turn asinine statements into stereotypical soft porn dialogue alongside Jimmy and some (in)appropriately honky muzak.

We really can't see her making an appearance in the two confirmed sequels. She'll probably still be in therapy for this press tour by the time they film anyway.

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