A father who has spent the last few months watching his son fight to stay alive decided that he'd make him a special costume to help him feel brave. 

For Eric Hart, there was only one hero that his son Collier could dress up as this Halloween, and that was Iron Man. Collier was born premature and has spent the first four months of his life fighting to survive, constantly hooked up to tubes and machines.

Given that he was going to be in hospital for his first Halloween, Eric decided that he'd fashion his son a costume to help him feel brave and fight as hard as he could to be able to go home with the new parents for the first time.

Being a prop maker for movies and TV himself, Eric had the necessary skills to make the costume without too much hassle, and while Collier only wore it for a minute, his father thought it would still give him the perfect boost. Speaking to Right This Minute, he said "Collier's hooked up to the machines all the time and Iron Man, he built the suit because he needed a machine to keep himself alive. I just thought if he had a little Iron Man suit he could come home with us".

Via ITV News