The Women’s March on Washington last weekend was a great success given its impressive numbers and peaceful, powerful means of spreading an important message throughout the world.

A number of celebrities attended the march and some even spoke at it. One of the speakers was Madonna, who has gotten into trouble since for saying she wants to 'blow up the White House', which some have deemed ‘un-American’ and ‘unpatriotic.

80s pop diva (and a rival of Madonna on the pop scene at the time, which is also brought up in this interview) Cyndi Lauper had another take on the matter.

During a Wednesday night appearance on Watch What Happens Live, the singer criticised Madonna saying: “I don’t think that it served our purpose because anger is not better than clarity and humanity. That is what opens people’s minds.”

As a counter-example, Lauper pointed to Scarlett Johansson’s speech at the Women’s March: “She shared her story. It was clear, it was eloquent. Yelling just jacks people up. It doesn’t communicate any kind of humanity or story that would open another person’s mind.”

Watch the clip (in which she also takes shots with Rod Stewart for the lols) below: