As a cyclist, there's a high risk of getting hit on the roads, and as with any accident, a lot of the time it's down to your word against theirs. 

However, if you happen to have a camera attached to your bike, like Paul Ludlow from Sydney, you can avoid all that, as you can hand over some video evidence to the cops and let them sort it all out, provided that you're alright and only sustain some minor injuries, of course.

Ludlow had attached a Fly 6 camera to the seatpost of his bike, which captured the accident on film as he traveled home from work earlier this month, and it makes for some dramatic footage. 

According to Mashable, Ludlow was alright after the accident, but needed to be treated in hospital for a shoulder injury, and his bike was completely destroyed too. The police were able to use the footage however, and declared the driver to have been in the wrong.