A cyclist who was keeping a close eye on the weather above him noticed something very strange occurring, and stopped to capture footage of the event. 

A beam of light that appeared in the sky behind the clouds began to move and change direction, causing this particular cyclist to freak out and start filming so that he could share his proof of aliens with the world.

The YouTube user who uploaded the footage, Nomad Freeman highlighted however that while this could be paranormal activity (ghosts, aliens, creatures living in the sky with giant torches) there is a more scientific explanation.

A similar video that shows light seemingly shifting quickly and moving around behind clouds on NASA's website states that a lightning discharge in a thundercloud can change the electric field in the air around the cloud, where ice crystals are reflecting the sunlight: "The new electric field quickly re-orients the geometric crystals to a new orientation that reflects sunlight differently" and makes it appear as if it's moving. 

So you can believe NASA scientists OR, and stay with us here, you can ask yourself who has the most to gain from keeping aliens a secret, and would try and use this science hocus pocus to explain away the existence of other lifeforms on our planet moving our sunlight around?




Via Metro.co.uk