We can't begin to explain how tough it was to fit all of that into a headline.

The Facial Fitness Pao is a bendable rod that you can place in your mouth, grip with your lips, and shake around as you bounce your head up and down. Why would you do this? Beauty, of course. MTG, the company behind the product, says that it will slim your face, because that makes perfect sense.

Currently retailing for about S$200 (€125), it's doing so well that it can afford to bring in a foreign celebrity to endorse it, so obviously Cristiano Ronaldo is the first choice.

Right, we're not sure why this is a thing, or how it's come to pass, but all we can say is that for his own good when it comes to internet GIFs, we're glad he doesn't actually use the product in this ad.

Turns out this shouldn't come as too much of a surprise, because Ronaldo has endorsed another product for MTG, this face roller. 

As if we could let a ridiculous Japanese TV ad pass-by without dragging up this up.

Via Mashable