If you're remotely scared by heights, people being in stupidly dangerous scenarios or anything of the like, best look away.

Pasha Bumchik - yes, Bumchik - is an 18-year old Russian who, as his YouTube video declares, enjoys "surfing on subways and trains."

When we say surfing, we really mean he's running on top of a moving train. That might be the kind of thing you'd see in Mission: Impossible or something, but certainly not in real-life.

Never the less, here we are. And we cannot tell you how stupid this is.

Take a look.

For pig iron, we showed this video to an actual engineer who works on the Irish railway. Needless to say, he wasn't a fan.

"This is very, very dumb. For one, the train can stop at any point in time and he could be thrown off. If the train went into a curved piece of track, he'd likely fall off," explained our engineer.

"Plus, the part where he jumped down between the two carriages is crazy. When the whole train stops, the carriages move together and can sometimes buffet off one another. You wouldn't feel it as a passenger, but he could have very easily been caught between the two carriages if a sufficient brake was applied to the train."

In summary, running on top of trains with a GoPro might look cool, but it's really, really stupid. And also, his choice of music was atrocious.


Via YouTube