Former child actor Feldman (whose credits include The Goonies and Stand By Me) was recently the talk of the town after a bizarre performance of his song GO 4 IT on US show Today.

But Corey’s been getting a lot of love on his Twitter feed too so fans should love this latest performance of his.

Last Wednesday night, Feldman showed up at the Lucky Strike in Hollywood to deliver an impromptu performance of Pink Floyd’s classic hit ‘Money’ for surprised onlookers.

According to one of the attendees, it wasn’t terrible: ‘He was having a blast.… He seemed very lively and spent the night dancing around the stage.'

Well at least the dancing is not quite as weird as it was for GO 4 IT.

One of the onlookers captured some grainy footage of the performance (visuals cut off about 5 minutes into it, unfortunately). Check it out:


Via UpRoxx