A lot of people were moved and intrigued by Bruce Jenner's long awaited interview with Diane Sawyer, but the note that struck a chord for many was when the 64-year-old simply said he wanted to be feel free enough to wear nail varnish "long enough for it to chip off." It's the little things you take for granted. 

Now there is a movement called #PaintYourNailsForBruce, which is urging men to paint their nails to show support to the transgender community. 

As for James Corden, he applauded Bruce's bravery during his opening monologue last night.

The new host of the Late Late Show described it as "an amazing bit of television... I will never know, I will never know, so many of us will never know what it's like to go through such a thing, the life that he's been trapped in... I truly hope that after this weekend's interview that this world that we live in is a better, more understanding, more educated place. Thank you, Bruce, for sharing."