Both Conor McGregor and Dana White were on hand to answer questions from the press last night after the Irishman claimed yet another victory, and is set to fight for the title in his next bout.

Complete with a glass of Middleton rare, "a $20,000 bottle of whiskey", McGregor sat down in front of the assembled media after defeating Dennis Siver last night to talk about his next fight, why he jumped out of the octagon to face up to Jose Aldo, and what "big business" he was for the UFC at the moment. 

As confident as ever, McGregor also mentioned Ricardo Lamas, who had made a parody video poking fun at the Irishman, which obviously he was not a fan of, as he told Lamas that he needs to hit the gym to lose his nine double chins and stop being a "pussy". 

White also confirmed that the title fight between McGregor and Aldo would not take place in Croke Park, as McGregor had been touting, but would instead be in Las Vegas. They wouldn't be the first big act in the last few months to pull out of a Croke Park gig anyway...

Dana White's piece is right at the start of the video, while McGregor starts answering his questions at 1:55. The audio is not the best quality, unfortunately, and is a little bit loud, so you might want to turn the speakers down a notch.