One of Conor McGregor's biggest ans is 64-year-old Carlow man Willie O'Toole, and the UFC superstar gave him a shout out today calling him "an absolute inspiration". 

O'Toole posted a video to McGregor where he wishes him luck in his next fight, and showcases his form on the muscle-ups, one of the most difficult bodyweight exercises you can do. As you can see, he's pretty damn good at them too.

In response, McGregor sent Willie a shout out of his own, taking time out of his hectic training schedule ahead of his bout with Jose Aldo this July, stating that O'Toole was "an absolute inspiration" in how strong and fit he was at the age of 64, adding that very few of the fighters and trainers in Conor's camp can do what O'Toole can. He even throws in a few muscle-ups of his own to finish off the video, but admits that he doesn't have quite as much of a grip on the technique as the Carlow man does.

Click on the image below to watch Conor's video.

Via Breaking News