And so it begins. The only way to know if the countdown to a major UFC event has officially started is to wait for them to drop the first Embedded video.

That happened today, so you can now start ironing your McGregor shirts, warm up your throat for the "there's only one" chant, and start debating people about the outcome of the upcoming brawl.

As expected, the embedded video for UFC 189 was heavily McGregor focused, with little time given to the other three men involved in title fights, Robbie Lawler, Rory MacDonald, and Conor's opponent, Chad Mendes. To be fair, one of the Embeddeds for Lawlor's last bout with former Welterweight champ, Johny Hendricks, included a two minute shot of a car having its wheel changed, so we can understand the dependence on McGregor's personality.