Tonight in Las Vegas Conor McGregor tasted defeat for the first time in the UFC at the hands of veteran star, Nate Diaz.

McGregor moved up 2 weight classes to Welterweight to take on Diaz and the gamble didn't pay off. McGregor landed heavily in the first round, but Diaz's chin was able to withstand the shots.

In the second round Diaz landed a combination and it rocked McGregor who seemed gassed. Diaz was then able to sink in the choke and force McGrgeor to tap.



The next move for Conor is unclear, but we could see him move back down to Featherweight or Lightweight - where the fight was initially supposed to take place against Rafael Dos Anjos.

Regardless, the UFC now have a comeback story to sell for two of their biggest fighters - Conor McGregor and Ronda Rousey.

Via The 42