Conor McGregor appeared on BT Sport's Beyond the Octagon last night with Chad Mendes on the line, and the trash talk was flowing.

One of the biggest stars in the sport at the moment, Conor McGregor's appearance on Beyond the Octagon was always going to attract a lot of attention, and as usual, he didn't let the crowd down. 

Famed for his trash talking and media performances, McGregor said that he sees himself as the number one contender and that he envisions himself with the belt around his waist. However, he knows that sitting still and waiting on a title shot is not how things are done, and that he wants to keep active, keep fighting. Why? "It's about that money".

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However, they also got Chad Mendes on the line, who will meet champion Jose Aldo in the octagon next at UFC 179, and Conor McGregor will be there in the front row to watch, which is a measure of just how much the company think of him and his abilities. The two exchange a bit of trash talk, and as you might expect, McGregor came out on top.

Via & BT Sport.