You've got to admire a boss who'd take an interest in your personal life so much that they're willing to throw you a stag party.

It might very well be that he was doing it simply for a sketch on his hit late-night comedy show, but still. Conan O'Brien took time out of his busy day of being a role model to ginger people everywhere by bring the party to Jordan Schlansky, one of his producers.

It should be noted for context that Jordan is, well, a bit particular about certain things. And, we're guessing, he doesn't enjoy social interaction.

We're guessing that's precisely why Conan decide to force fun upon him whether he liked it or not.

Take a look.

We genuinely want to know if this was actually real and, if so, how did the producer manage to keep a straight face the entire time? It's really, really impressive.

That's Vulcan levels of straight-faceness.


Via YouTube

Via YouTube