Last Friday was not a good day for Chang Suibin, who was knocked down by a bus in China's Henan province, but what happened next made sure a bad moment didn't get any worse. 

The dramatic footage, captured by a passer by, shows a group of passengers on the bus and passing motorists stop to help Suibin and the police officer Tang Xiaoqi, who asked that they all chip in to help move the bus. 

At first they were struggling, but by the time they managed to free him over 20 people were involved, with some pushing the bus and others trying to drag the trapped man to safety. 

Suibin suffered a broken pelvis in the incident, but is recovering well in hospital. Speaking to China Central Television, he said "my sincere thanks to everybody, to the friends, to the kindhearted people of Zhengzhou...Good people can be found everywhere in our society".

Via ITV News