If you've never watched Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee, you really are missing out.

The concept behind the chat show is bracingly simple - comedy icon Jerry Seinfeld takes fellow comedians out for a coffee and drives them to and from their homes in one of his fancy sports cars. Along the way, they talk about everything from comedy to politics to their own cars to anything in between.

The comedian's had some fantastic guests since the show began, including Jim Carrey, Ricky Gervais, Don Rickles and even David Letterman turned up post-retirement to do a spot on the web series.

However, Seinfeld's latest guest wasn't necessarily a comedian - although he was pretty famous. Barack Obama took time out from being the leader of the free world to tool around the White House in Seinfeld's Corvette Stingray and shoot the s*** about comedy, being famous and what type of underwear Obama wears.

Take a look.