Some runner on Good Morning America's after getting a slap about the chops... Colin Farrell was on to promote a Winter's Tale, and when asked by the presenter to gab about it for a bit, he instead commented on the jaunty angle he was perched at.

"Have you seen my legs? I've been doing an ab workout for the last five minutes because the seat broke. My lower abs are going to be amazing!" SHOW US, YA GOOD TING?!!

ABC Entertainment News|ABC Business News

OK, so he didn't whip out the abs (it was morning after all), but he did mention them for a reason. He gets them out in the film. You need to go see it. There's fight scenes. With Russell Crowe...

Now, my abs are like a sock full of semolina, so excuse me while I partially dismantle/kick the crap out of my desk chair.