The Trump / Russia story has pretty much everyone exasperated, exhausted and on the edge of their seat - and it doesn't show any signs of going away.

Why you can't exactly call it entertaining, one thing that's been entertaining is watching respected news anchors try to maintain their composure and calm, steely exterior in the face of mounting piles of rubble being hurled at them every day in the news cycle.

It's at the point now where you can see certain news anchors visibly ageing and others have run out of the energy needed to keep up the facade that any of this is normal.

That's where CNN's Anderson Cooper comes in. In an interview with conservative commentator Jeffrey Lord, Cooper asked if anyone could defend Trump's comments that came to light about calling former FBI Director James Comey "a nut job."

Lord, as it turned out, could and that's when Cooper had enough. Take a look.


In case you didn't catch that, Anderson Cooper - on a respected news magazine show - said to one of his guests that if Donald Trump took a dump on his desk, he'd defend it. People ask why we sometimes cover political stories and it's moments like this.

It's become a heightened version of reality TV. Cooper, of course, apologised afterwards and admitted he was a little crude.

More like he was 100% right.


Via Twitter / CNN