Sometimes we forget that, although he's very good at his job, Stephen Colbert is an American, and that that brings with it all the misinformed perceptions of Ireland that exist in the world.

Cillian Murphy was one of the guests on 'The Late Show with Stephen Colbert' last night and maybe it was nerves because they'd never met before, or maybe Cillian Murphy just hates interviews, but it wasn't comfortable for anyone involved, including viewers.

Colbert kicked things off by asking Murphy all the stereotypical questions asked of an Irish person in America ('Lucky Charms', leprechauns, accents, etc.) and it made for possibly the most awkward first three minutes of an interview ever.

Thankfully it picked up once they got to talking about the film and Murphy had something to actually talk about but we think everyone will be in agreement that this is one of those times that you're really glad you're neither famous nor a late night TV host.