Ah lads, sure Chris Brown was only out trying to do a bit of bowling when a big bad valet tried to make him pay for parking. Sure you don't pay $10 to have your car parked when you're a worldwide star like our Chris.

As per TMZ, Brown was at PINZ bowling alley in Studio City, California, where he had attended a charity event. When he left the building he was shocked to discover he had to pay a service charge for parking at the venue and turned on the parking valet, who was just trying to explain the situation to the singer. The worked told Brown he couldn't let him leave without paying, so Chris did the classy thing and got the boyos round to gang up on him.

Video footage, which is NOT for sensitive ears, appears to show Brown surrounding the valet with his friends, telling him in no uncertain terms to "F**k ten dollars". One of his friends apparently offered to pay to shut Chris up, but Brown, being his usual gentlemanly self, told the valet "we gonna turn this whole thing on out". There's calm restraint for you. Somebody's really learned their lesson...

We're sure this is a wonderful end to a fantastic week for Brown's PR people. Sure didn't he allegedly throw his long-term bodyguard Big Pat off a plane in Bermuda on Wednesday?

You stay classy Chris.