You might chuckle at this video of a chimp swatting down a drone camera with a bit of branch, but it could be mean so much more.

We think, hundreds of years from now, this video will be the catalyst that sparked a civil war between super-intelligent apes and the advanced robots of the future. This innocuous little video with funny, chirpy music will in fact be some sort of reminder for the different sides.

The drone's flying along, minding his own business and then BAM! Chimp attacks out of nowhere. Robot vengeance must be assured.

Then, from the ape's point of view, it's artificial life encroaching on their land. That drone had no right to impede on their land. It had to be taken down.

Are we reading into this way too much? Maybe this chimpanzee was the Sean Penn of the group, y'know? Really doesn't like paparazzi and isn't afraid to take them on. 

If you see a film made about apes and robots fighting in a futuristic, post-apocalyptic world in the next couple of years, you're going to act as a witness in our lawsuit. Deal?

Check out the video.


Via YouTube