Sony’s Project Morpheus, a vitual reality headset for the PlayStation 4, looks to be one of the most exciting things coming down the line for gamers, and at a recent event in Silicon Valley, the device was on display for a few people to get a look at.

Up until now, it’s been mostly speculation, the odd snap and announcement from the folks at Sony themselves, and a few lasting impressions from Hollywood movies that have conditioned us to think what a VR headset should look like.

The game being played is a demo of Sony’s Castle, but as with most hardware and accessories that come with these consoles, they will only be as good as the games that are released for them are. One thing that this video does show, however, is that it will take a bit of getting used to.

Oculus Rift is still going to be a strong competitor to Sony's device however, and after their recent buy out by Facebook they might well have a lot more on the horizon than just gaming too.

Hat-tip to VG24/7, main pic via PlayStation Blog