It really is the quickest way to settle any argument, dance or otherwise.

Channing Tatum appeared alongside fellow actors Diego Luna and Adam Scott last night and a common thread between all three was their past experience of dancing in film, some more successfully than others.

While Adam Scott's dancing was a quick throwaway gag, Diego Luna starred in the critically slated and only-watched-for-its-awfulness 'Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights' which got a standing ovation from Corden and his 'Late Late Show' audience.

Tatum, however, is the most accomplished of them all, with the 'Step Up' and 'Magic Mike' films under his belt and although he now refuses to partake in dance battles that random people think he's capable of, he's still well able to put James Corden in his place when the gauntlet is thrown down with a little help from Carlton Banks.