Bad luck, Jenna... Nothing beats a bit of Beyonce. Like actual Beyonce, in the flesh. Dancing frenetically. And we're not just talking about Channing dressed as Beyonce, you understand. 

Spike have been teasing their comeback hour-long Lip Sync Battle featuring "Tatum V Tatum" for weeks. We thought Channing twirling to Let It Go was going to be the highlight. We were wrong.

As Beyonce made a hasty retreat backstage before being mobbed by the audience, host LL Cool J said: “The room just exploded. As Beyonce, with Beyonce, welcome to the Thunderdome, it’s Chan-dermonium."

As for poor Jenna, who had collapsed to the floor in shock, Channing said: “I am so sorry. She is so not OK, I'm never going home, guys! I've always dreamed of doing this, since I was a little girl."