Jimmy Fallon loves to shake things up when he plays his celeb games on The Tonight Show (sometimes literally with things embedded in jelly), but the innuendo heavy game that he previously only ever played with female guests got a new lease of life last night thanks to one Channing Tatum.

Well he finally got a male to sit down and play 'Box of Lies' with him and turns out Channing Tatum is very good at innuendo. So good in fact he should probably change his middle name to it. Channing Innuendo Tatum. It certainly has a definite quality to it does it not?

Anyway, when it comes to a face-to-face (and that's a face we can all agree is worth facing), Tatum is more of a very good truther than a liar. Which sort of makes him an even better human and that's mildly upsetting when he's already the nicest guy in Hollywood.

Via YouTube