Can we just start by acknowledging how crazy the edit on this video is, which makes us think there was a whole lot more from Celine that they cut out and we need to see?

We also need to acknowledge just how batsh*t crazy but in the best possible way Celine Dion is, because Jimmy can barely contain her and complete disregard for each of them having 'turns' is just perfection.

Dion was on Fallon last night where she finally got to get her own back on all the people who did impressions of her on the show by playing 'Wheel of Musical Impressions' and taking on Cher, Sia, Rihanna and MJ (even when she wasn't supposed to) all while Jimmy flounders trying to corral her into just pressing the button and sitting still.

Come, take a seat and enjoy the wild ride that is Celine Dion on live television not giving a single f*ck.