Don Rickles passed away from kidney failure yesterday at the age of 90 at his Los Angeles home, his publicist Paul Shefrin announced in a statement last night. Rickles, the "king of insult comedy", was an icon to many inside the comedy world and outside of it and has sparked an outpouring or grief Stateside that is rarely seen.

Of all the tributes, it was Jimmy Kimmel who was the most emotional and committed the most time to remembering Rickles, a friend and mentor to Kimmel, on his show last night and of all of the eulogies for him, we think Kimmel's will be the one that you should listen to.

Stephen Colbert and Seth Meyers also made tributes to Rickles at the top of their shows, saluting the man who no doubt shaped their careers.

Other celebrities and friends of Rickles paid tribute to the comedian and actor on Twitter, most remembering him with a smile and a joke as is apt.