That's right, YouTube turns 10 this week, that's 10 years old, and look at all its has achieved in its short life.

Like us, you may find yourself thinking what have we done in that time? Nothing, and we're only slightly older than 10...if you discount leap years and use dog maths to formulate our age. No, we don't mean dog years, we mean dog maths, why do you think they're called ca-NINEs?. Look, let's get back to the point here and stop talking about ourselves being old and useless.

YouTube changed the way we use the internet (something Google recognised early on when they forked over $1 billion to get their hands on it) and in the last ten years, we've spent a lot of time on the video sharing site, which might explain why we've achieved so little, watching videos that are inexplicably popular, and have gone "viral" as the kids say. To celebrate that milestone in YouTube's life, The Daily Conversation put together this fantastic round up of pretty much every viral video that has ever been. As you might expect, cats feature heavily, but also other popular favourites like such as Miss America struggling with a question on education such as, and Charlie biting fingers, like such as. 

Via The Daily Conversation on Twitter