Continuing on the trail to promote her memoir The Princess Diarist, in which she reveals the affair she had with Harrison Ford on the set of Star Wars (she was 19 at the time while he was 33 and married), Carrie Fisher appeared on Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show yesterday.

After discussing how her love of Coke is due to familial connections with the company (her father, Eddie Fisher was ‘the Coca Cola kid’, apparently), and getting a lecture from Ellen on how bad it is, the talk show host asked about the juicy stuff – namely exactly what did happen between Fisher and Ford.

Carrie explains that no one knew she and Harrison Ford were having an affair on the set of Star Wars, so it really was a secret for 40 years.

She had previously described the relationship as ‘intense’ and when asked if she and Ford were in love, Fisher answers: ‘Well it depends on who you ask. It was infatuation, probably. Love is more mature.’

She also revealed that it was strictly an on-set thing – in her words ‘location, location, location’: