Watch out Russia, the people of Carlow are pissed and coming for you.

This report from December on the level of emigration from Ireland includes a trip by the reporter to Carlow town, but instead of showing the towns finer qualities, unfortunately depicts it as a derelict ghost town that 'now stands empty' and is a 'shadow of what the town used to be', which has left residents, understandably, 'furious' according to the Independent.

The reporter seems to have cherry-picked the worst locations of the town and then edited them together to make it look like a backwater shanty town, and even roped in a local who seemed to back up their viewpoint. TV editing at it's worst.

Also really annoying? The reporter's inability to pronounce 'Fionn' correctly, but that's just a smaller thing compared to the rage of the Carlow townspeople. Watch your back Russia. You don't mess with Carlow and get away with it.