A Canadian man named Daniel Boria and his $20 arm chair took a ride high into the sky recently, that ended up with him getting arrested. 

Using the chair and 120 balloons, Boria was able to take off and started his journey towards his destination: the Clagary Stampede grounds.

Boria's stunt required a rather large amount of helium, which cost him $12,000 by all accounts, but he still made the crowd in attendance pretty happy when he was spotted above the stadium, and began parachuting down. However, the weather forced him a little bit off course, and he ended up a few kilometres away from his intended target. 

Boria's journey was a bit more frightening than he had intended however, as he noted that "I was sitting in a lawn chair looking down through the clouds at 747 airplanes and looking up to a cluster of helium balloons. I rose to a certain altitude and the winds got pretty intense. I was somersaulting out the chair and it felt like minus 30. I watched below as the Stampede and my dream drifted away".

Police didn't particularly see the funny side either, as they charged him with "mischief causing danger to life and mischief to property under $5,000, before dropping the latter", but he may still get into some federal trouble for violating airspace regulations. They also noted that he was pretty lucky that the falling chair didn't cause any property damage or hit anyone when it came back down, but he seemed happy enough with the results.

Boria's journey also had a second purpose, which was to be a publicity stunt for his cleaning business that sells natural products. We're not quite sure how the two tie in together, but he's certainly in the headlines anyway.

Also it seems that mischief is an offence, who knew?

Via Uproxx, CTV News