One of Dublin's busiest public transport systems, the Luas makes a lot of journeys in and out of town every day. 

On those numerous journeys, the drivers always have to be alert, not least in the city centre, and this latest video released on their official YouTube shows exactly why. 

A staggering number of people still continue to walk straight out in front of the tram without a care in the world and without looking (or hearing) the huge train coming towards them, leading to an alarming number of scary situations, shown in this video from the driver's point of view.

According to The Journal, figures from Transdev show there have been 71 of these 'near misses' so far this year (when the driver applies the emergency brake to avoid a collision) and the point of the video is to make people more aware of the danger of crossing the Luas tracks when not paying attention. It does, of course, also highlight the fact that there are some very good tram drivers out there who have the quick reflexes that made sure these incidents were nothing more serious than a near miss. 

Via The Journal